About Us

Like chocolate and peanut butter is the best way to describe the early beginnings of RodDoors. The man later to be called Dr. Panelstein by his fans, owned a small plastic manufacturing company in a small business park. Across the parking lot was an Upholsterer, each looking at what the other was doing, both curious as to how the others techniques could be applied to what each of them was doing.

They had an idea, as to how to do Custom Upholstery without as much Custom.  They plotted, they schemed, and they sold their first products on a Super Bowl Sunday Weekend in 1994 at the Turlock, CA Swap meet.  It was a lovely day, 30 degree Ice Fog. But beyond the weather the response was encouraging, (or these guys were clueless).  They worked hard, adding at least two innovative products or variations on a theme type products each month year end and year out.  This was over 23 years ago and now RodDoors has become one of the leaders in Custom Interior System work for Street Rods, Customs, and Classic Trucks.

Starting from a shot gun approach as to what our customers might want, we have now evolved into a bull’s eye target as to what our customer now demand.  Throughout this journey our dedication to developing each new product has remained high.  Our Evaluation process is tuff.  We have found the best success by adhering to the following criteria:

  • Does the product offers a radical approach to a problem or is it just an improvement?
  • Does it solve a real problem for the customer?
  • Does it save time?
  • Does it prevent potential mistakes?
  • In the event a mistake occurs, does the product allow the customer to recover from a mistake?
  • Is the product designed to be the easy to install using only simple hand tools? 
  • No sewing?

Each molded plastic product we manufacture ourselves in Chico, CA. USA.

We use recycled materials and return all in-house generated scrap for recycling.  That saves the planet and our landfills over 20 tons each year.

We sell soup to nuts so as to offer the best service for our customers.  By packaging the interior to include all that the customer will need, and only what they need, to get the job done.  We strive to solve the Two Box Problem.    

                The Two Box Problem- without a RodDoors Interior Package the Rodder will eventually finish the car or truck and be happy about it. But at home in the garage, there are two boxes of brand new parts that either would not work, could never get to work or had bought twice not remembering that there was already one at home under the bed.  Being on the end of the food chain we’ve even seen people build cars around what was in the box.

We most of all want to have fun!  We realize that this is a hobby for most and the hard stuff about Interiors is not all that hard, if you have a Doctor behind you.  "Doctor, Dr. Panelstein at your service".